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Cheshire Care Record Use Increases Across the Region


The number of health and social care professionals accessing the Cheshire Care Record to view important information related to their patients and service users has more than doubled in the last year.

Since its launch in 2016, the Cheshire Care Record has been used more than 33,000 times by GPs, hospitals, mental health trusts, community trusts, hospital cancer services and social care organisations, which are all dedicated to using the latest digital technology to help provide an even better service for patients.

Patients across Cheshire are reaping the benefits of the county’s new digital care record, which pulls together their health and social care information for multiple agencies, in an effort to improve care and make it more effective.

The scheme is a vital tool in improving patient safety and quality of care across Cheshire and ensures health and social care professionals have up to date records and ‘real time’ information on their patients.

Previously, patients have had to repeat their information to professionals since no patient history has been available on a digital basis across the region. But now, a digital summary including previous test results, medication history, GP and hospital appointments can all be instantly viewed, enabling the clinician to have a clearer patient history, avoiding the need to repeat information.

The Cheshire Care Record provides authorised care professionals with faster, secure access to essential information when a patient requires care and support.

Dr Steven Moore, consultant in emergency medicine and chief clinical information officer at the Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The fact that patients don’t have to repeat over and over again their health history numerous times makes all the difference to patients’ confidence in the health and social care system.

“The main gain has been the access to medical records. The detail we have and the timeliness is very powerful. I have used it when patients have been unconscious or unable to clearly recall their medical history themselves due to pain, confusion or distress.

“It is invaluable in these types of incidents and can save vital time in deciding how to treat the patient, especially when it comes to verifying whether they are on the correct medication and making sure we avoid prescribing anything which could cause an adverse reaction with their existing medication and treatment plans.”

A video from a local patient explaining how the Cheshire Care Record improved her care is available on their website https://www.cheshirecarerecord.co.uk/patient-stories/