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Joining up Care in Cheshire West

Health and care partners in Cheshire West and Chester are moving to integrate health and social care services. This page details more information about what this means.

Joining up Care

The local health and care system is committed to supporting people to live long, healthy and fulfilling lives. At a time when demand is rising faster than resources, positive change is needed to protect and enhance local services.

The move towards increasingly integrated care represents the next phase of the journey to deliver a better collective offer to patients and service users. There are already examples of joint commissioning, integrated neighbourhood teams, greater collaboration around hospital discharge, a single care record, and pooled resources through the Better Care Fund.

Nevertheless, partners believe that further scale and pace is required to build on these achievements and meet the challenges of the future. Examples of fragmented care remain which are detrimental to outcomes for residents and do not represent the best use of scarce resources.

What is integrated care?

Truly integrated care is about bringing health and social care together. For the local NHS and Cheshire West and Chester Council it represents the evolution of their work over recent years.

By joining up services which are currently provided separately, they believe they can make better patient decisions by pooling experience, expertise and resources.

By focusing on preventing ill-health and unnecessary hospital admissions they believe they can ensure local services are sustainable for the future.

Integrated care provides the opportunity for partners to go further and faster to organise services in a more joined-up way and create a more efficient system which enables local people to access high-quality care when they need it.

Below is a copy of the Joining up Care in Cheshire West document and a list of Frequently Asked Questions. You can also get involved with the changes.

Vision and objectives


Joining up Care in Cheshire West

Frequently Asked Questions