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Your spotlight on local services

Making a Complaint

Guides to making complaints about health and social care

Knowing how to raise a complaint and exactly who to complain to when you have an issue with health or social care services can be complicated.  Healthwatch has worked with Citizens Advice to produce a series of guides to help you make a complaint or raise a concern.

You can find out more about what's involved in making a complaint about a particular service and see what your next steps might be.

There are tips and tools such as letter templates and other practical resources to support you to make an effective complaint. You can also contact us directly here to find out how to get help with making your complaint.

We want to make the system better at listening to what you have to say. But in the meantime, we hope these tools will help get your message heard.












Need to make a complaint about Healthwatch?

Individuals and organisations have the right to express their views about the performance of Healthwatch Cheshire West and the way in which it conducts its business. Anyone who is dissatisfied with any aspect of the service delivered by Healthwatch Cheshire West can make a complaint under Healthwatch Cheshire West complaints policy. We will treat both concerns and complaints in the same way.

This Policy does not cover:

  • Complaints or concerns about the NHS, which should be dealt with through the NHS complaints procedure
  • Complaints about the provision of social care services which should be dealt with by Cheshire West and Chester Council.

In the first instance we would encourage you to raise a concern, or complaint, or to provide feedback on our service informally. Providing information or correcting misunderstandings or misconceptions at this early stage may enable the issue to be successfully resolved. You may do this by phoning the office on 0300 323 0006 or by emailing us at info@healthwatchcheshire.org.uk